Mihail Damyanov has studied Aikido and other martial arts  with various teachers and places (Bulgaria, England, USA, China).

     The focus of his training of martial arts is development of non-violent and protective spirit.

     The main teachers: Terry Ezra Shihan, Eduard Germanov, Fumio Toyoda Shihan.

Other teachers courses he attended: Christian Tessier, Steven Seagal, Yasio Kobayashi, Steve Beecham, Steven Timperley, Masatake Fujita, Keet Moore, Andy Sato and others.

     Qualifications:  Aikido Nidan (Aikikai)

                               NFPS Self Defence Instructor

                               Level 3,BTEC Self Defence Instructior

                               KEWAP Instructor (Knife & Edged Weapons Awareness)

                               Aikido Coach (Joint Aikido Council)

                               SIA Security Officer

                               Level 3, First Aid at work

                               level 2, FAST Defence



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