"Aikido is not a sport. It is a discipline, an educational process for training the mind, body, and spirit. An Aikido dojo is not a gymnasium. It is the place where the way of the discipline is revealed. Physical technique is not the final objective, but a tool for personal refinement and spiritual growth. The correct attitudes of respect, sincerity, and modesty combined with the proper atmosphere are essential to the learning process. And as Aikido is a martial way, they are essential to the safety of each individual"."/Mitsugi Saotome Shihan/


   Aikido for children

   Aikido is an excellent form of physical exercise and self defence for children of all ages.Life throws us challenges every day - sometimes in the form of conflict with other people. Children need to learn how to deal with these people in a positive and non-violent manner. Conflict resolution and controlling aggression are the base for developing good self-defense skills. In addition to these lessons, your child will learn the physical techniques that help them feel more confident in tough times.

Benefits of Aikido for the children.

    - Excellent form of physical exercise and self defence

    - Fosters sense of discipline, respect and pride

    - Great exercise for stamina and reactions

    - Experience and confidence builder

    - Respect for Parents, Teachers and each other

    - Self Discipline in aiming for higher achievements in their lives

    - Concentration which is also reflected in other areas of their lives



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